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Safe Space

As we start our first day on another wave of national lockdown it feels a bit surreal to be back where we were over 6 months ago. The past four years Handmade Candle Co. has grown from pouring candles in our kitchen, garage to now our current premises - our garden workshop/home studio which we refer to as 'The Shed'.
2020 gave us the push we needed to run the business full time after being made redundant, without the continued support from our customers this wouldn't of been possible.

It's always important to take a look back and see how you've grown, this year has made us so grateful as to how lucky we are to have the studio to enable us to continue to work, making products for our customers to enjoy and sell online.  It's far more than just a 'shed' it's a fully functioning studio with heating, decent lighting and a safe place for me to make and work - the spaniel even has his own bed! 

Our thoughts are with all the businesses that have been forced to close and over the next four weeks we will share as many of our stockists as we can to give them exposure and help keep them feeling positive!

Thank you for your continued support - we wouldn't be here without you! If our candles can give our customers a small space of calm to enable them to weather the storm then we feel like we have accomplished something big this year! 

How are you feeling? If you are struggling, feeling alone or just need someone to chat to, drop us a message, we'll try and help as much as we can.

For all those curious to see where our products are hand poured, packed and shipped - here's a corner of where the magic happens and our safe space.

Stay strong

Charley x

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